Thursday, 26 January 2012

Test Transmission Information 26/01/2012

Test Transmissions at 11pm tonight, we have been learning canons/rounds for the last 20 minutes you will be excited to hear we have Ifka's Castle, Bagpuss and Dueling Banjos to play and overlay and to last us a whole hour of radio and one of our trio will be down a phone line. Should be quite serious.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back on air tomorrow at 23.00(GMT) 12/01/2012

Yes, indeed...after an extended seasonal interruption the Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcast engineers return to the live airwaves of Resonance104.4fm at 23.00(GMT) on 12/01/2012 and streamed on the web at We shall be improvising a relaxed immediacy of intensity with perhaps a few technical specifications to aid consciousness adjustment. Turn on (the radio/internet) Tune in (the frequency/the stream) Drop out (reality/sanity/mundanity)